Knockan Hill Park


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The Friends of Knockan Hill Park Society

The Friends of Knockan Hill Park Society was created in December 1990 to serve the interests of the park in the face of the development of surrounding properties. Its purpose is to protect, preserve and perpetuate the wilderness character, and the flora and fauna of the park. The Society was incorporated in 1991.

Knockan Hill Park is approximately 12 hectares in size and is located on the border of the municipalities of Saanich and View Royal, between Burnside Road and Helmcken Road. It contains Garry Oak meadows as well as second growth forest. There is evidence that the site had a cultural significance for local aboriginal populations and at least one myth concerning Knockan Hill was documented by pioneer anthropologist Franz Boas in the 19th century. The hill acquired park status soon after being logged during the 1880s or 1890s. Currently, it marks the transition point between the urban sprawl of Victoria and the rural farms and greenbelt on its northwestern border.

The park supports resident populations of deer, rabbits, raccoons, northern alligator lizards as well as several species of owl, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, hawks, and other locally typical birds. The park also contains a publicly-owned heritage cottage and gardens, Stranton Lodge, which is managed by the Saanich Heritage Foundation.

The Friends have taken an active role in park stewardship. Some activities include:

  • Conducting invasive plant removal sessions
  • Holding presentations on the principles and practice of ecosystem conservation
  • Providing interpretive boards at the three main entrances of the park
  • Providing informative brochures and other interpretive materials for visitors, and
  • Actively responding to events, as necessary.