Knockan Hill Park


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Knockan Hill and its name are subjects of historic mystery involving legend and language.

For centuries, songhees people harvested camas (below the Garry Oaks and firs on the hill).


Scottish settlers came to Craigflower farm. “Cnocan” is a Scots Gaelic word for “knoll” or “hill”.


Official map showed George McKenzie as purchase of 60 acres north of Portage Inlet on east slope of Knockan Hill.


“The Races of Mankind” by Robert Brown described Knockan Hill as meaning in the Tsongeith language “coiled up”.


Knockan Hill was identified on the J.D. Pemberton map of S.E. Vancouver Island.


It was featured as “Mount Nga´k’un” in a “Songish” legend in “Indian Legends of the North Pacific Coast of America” by Franz Boaz.


Four hectares of hilltop on Knockan Homestead became public lands in the new Municipality of Saanich.


Mrs. Maude Hall sold her three hectares of woodland, including her house and garden, to the people of Saanich.


Knockan Hill Park was preserved as parkland by Saanich Parks Preservation By-law 6256. It is now a Natural Park.


One acre was added to the original park to fill in the south east corner.


FKHPS worked with the Town of View Royal to acquire the property at 101 High St. for parkland.


0.8 acres of adjacent woodland on High St. was donated to View Royal and added to Knockan Hill Park.